school preparatory course german language in chandigarh

school preparatory course german language in chandigarh

The Idea
After successfully completing level B2, our students will be able to continue their education in aiflc chandigarh . Here they can complete their leaving exams, which will qualify them for admission to a German university. In order to ease the transition between the German course and school attendance, we offer a special preparatory course aimed at teaching the terminology and methodology in the most important subject areas taught in school.
The school preparatory course is organized into subject area modules such as the natural sciences (mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry) and the humanities (history, politics, geography, religion). The fine arts are covered as well. In addition to acquiring important technical vocabulary, students also learn how to summarize texts, work with sources, perform research and give presentations. Role-playing simulation games and project work also teach students how to work in group settings.
Students may only register after the completion of aiflc chandigarh level B2

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