Our teenagers are also expected to do some homework every day, yet they will still have plenty of time for extracurricular activities.


Registration german goethe exam

Registration german goethe exam

Type of courses
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telc Deutsch A1
telc Deutsch A2
telc Deutsch B1
telc Deutsch B1 Schule
telc Deutsch B2
telc Deutsch C1
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Polish student learning for telc examination
Student taking German language exam
A working knowledge of German is often not enough. Sometimes students have to prove their skills. This is why we offer our students several officially recognized exams. Our regular language courses are, due to their high intensity, a suitable basis to pass the telc-exams.
Please click on the links in the left-hand bar to receive further information on the corresponding exam, on how and where they may be taken.
Registration deadline for the exams is 23 days before the exam date. Students easily can register by using our enrollment form.

Juniors-Teenagers-Adults-Ages 30+ German Language classes in chandigarh

Juniors-Teenagers-Adults-Ages 30+ German Language classes in chandigarh

3 junior students learning German as a foreign language
Ages 8-12, 10-14 and 12-15
Junior intensive course: 25 lessons per week
Intensive courses over Christmas
Class size: approx. 5-10 students
One-to-one course: 25, 30 or 40 lessons / wk.
All-inclusive packages
with great leisure time program
5 teenagers learning German in aiflc chandigarh
Ages 14-17 and 15-18
Intensive course: 30 lessons per week
Summer course: 25 lessons per week
Intensive courses over Christmas
Class size: approx. 5-10 students
One-to-one course: 25, 30 or 40 lessons / wk.
All-inclusive packages
with great leisure time program
Three students in front of the institute in Constance
Ages 18+
Intensive course: 30 lessons per week
Summer course: 25 lessons per week
Intensive courses over Christmas
TestDaF prep. course: 30 lessons per week
Business German: 25 lessons per week
Class size: approx. 5-10 participants.
One-to-one course: 30 or 40 lessons per week
German plus internship
All-inclusive packages
including after class program
2 executives learning German at chandigarh
Ages 30+
One-to-one course: 30 or 40 lessons per week
Mini-group course: 40 lessons per week
Mini-group size: 2-4 participants

Specials for Teenagers german course in chandigarh

Specials for Teenagers german course in chandigarh

Specials for Teenagers
Beside our regular intensive German language courses we offer special programs with emphasis on additional highlights. For Teenagers we provide the following:
Going to School in Germany
School Preparatory Course
Secondary Education in Germany
Language Course Groups
German for School Classes and Groups
German Plus Additional Courses

school preparatory course german language in chandigarh

school preparatory course german language in chandigarh

The Idea
After successfully completing level B2, our students will be able to continue their education in aiflc chandigarh . Here they can complete their leaving exams, which will qualify them for admission to a German university. In order to ease the transition between the German course and school attendance, we offer a special preparatory course aimed at teaching the terminology and methodology in the most important subject areas taught in school.
The school preparatory course is organized into subject area modules such as the natural sciences (mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry) and the humanities (history, politics, geography, religion). The fine arts are covered as well. In addition to acquiring important technical vocabulary, students also learn how to summarize texts, work with sources, perform research and give presentations. Role-playing simulation games and project work also teach students how to work in group settings.
Students may only register after the completion of aiflc chandigarh level B2

Language courses for professionals Business German

Language courses for professionals Business German

Language courses for professionals Business German (level B2 or higher)
Special course: Business German
Possessing intercultural competence and job-related foreign language skills is a clear advantage in the globalized job market. This course is aimed at (prospective) students and employees in business and administration who are already proficient in German (level B2 or higher). The program covers basic business activities such as telephone calls with clients, business correspondence, presentations and negotiations, and also addresses the fundamentals of corporate organizational and management principles. Classroom work is complemented by excursions that offer a practical glimpse at everyday professions life in German companies.
Business German
At the aiflc chandigarh
25 lessons per week
Approx. 5 – 10 students per class
Required level of German: B2
August 3 – August 30, 2014 (4 weeks)



The aiflc institute is very proud of its high number of satisfied students and their parents. We would like to provide you with some comments and opinions of our past clients. Furthermore, you are more than welcome to request references for individual course centers.
My German teacher was so kind and helpful
“I am just writing to say Thank You for the wonderful time I had at the school in chandigarh last week. Everybody was so kind to me, especially my German teacher, and the skiing was such fun, that I will remember my stay there with great fondness for a very long time.
When I first arrived on Sunday 17th, I was a little bit worried and homesick, but it did not take me long to change my mind. I made a good friend, Roma, who had been having such a good time at aiflc that she did not want to go home. She and I and the other panjabi students had a lot of fun together, which made me enjoy my stay. My German teacher was so kind and helpful and the German lessons really helped me, not just with my grammar and vocabulary, but also with my pronunciation. A week after I got back to canada, I took part in a German reading competition aiflc at school, and I won! I am sure this is thanks to my time at the aiflc .
As for skiing, it was the best fun I have had for a long time, my instructor was very kind and funny.
Great time in chandigarh
“I really want to thank all your team for the great time that my daughter spent in aiflc. She is so happy that she wants to stay again in Chandigarh for next year. She said that she really enjoyed the class activities and also the activities during “Freizeit”. I also really want to thank my daughter’s teacher, . She is very kind and my daughter said that she is a really good teacher, she makes her improve a lot.”
rajinder, Italy
Many thanks aiflc chandigarh
“I would like to thank you very much for 3 weeks of intensive courses of German and a lot of sport activities for my daughter marina . It’s so great to see the results of certificate and happy eyes of my daughter! and Me say special thanks to the teachers of B1- B2-
Marina , iran
The best choice for summer camp in terms of all sorts
“…Salute to you all with such great team spirit and highly motivated accomplishment. I am sure aiflc will have more and more successful 15 years to come and I hope next time I shall bring my granddaughter to come after at least 20 years later since my only daughter is 12 years old only…”.
puya, iran
Perfect organization and arrangement of learning process
“I am deeply grateful to Miss ashu jain, the staff of aiflc chandigarh and You personally for perfect organization and arrangement of learning process
He returned from Germany with really pleasant emotions. she has improved his French language, had a nice time with his new friends and loved your Great Country very much.
I thank you and wish you all health, happy, good luck and success.
We hope to continue further study of French language in your esteemed Institute”.
vikram singh amritsar
Successful formula, professionalism and enthusiasm of all the staff
“I would like to thank you for the great experience at aiflc chandigarh.
pankaj is extremely happy about the time he spent with you and told us great things about the aiflc chandigarh. It is not common to see a young boy who would have been happy to extend his stay for one more week in a study camp.
Congratulations for your successful formula and for the professionalism and enthusiasm of all the staff, both the organization and the teaching one”.
pankaj mohali
Overcoming home sickness
I am glad to tell you that amanjot is feeling MUCH better. Saturday excursion was wonderful, they have a new professor, she is GREAT …. Because of you very good and professional employee she overcome problems in the beginning. What your Institute offers is not only learning language it is also life experience which is important for this age.
amanjot kharar
Very friendly, caring and positive hosts
parminder returned from jalandhar last Saturday and she has extremely positive feedback on the programme. One of the most positive aspects was her host family. That was her first trip abroad in general and life in a host family was the biggest concern for her. And her hosts japneet and amandeep out to be very friendly, caring and positive and they really manage to deal with juniors, to organise them and control them in a very tactful but firm manner. Please express them a big thank you from parminder and from us too.
parminder jalandhar
Thank you!
Thanks a lot for your German course at aiflc chandigarh. My daughter parul liked it very much! It was very useful and interesting for her. And many thanks to her teacher ashu jain! Now German language I hope, see you again next summer!
parul chandigarh
Great memories which will last them a lifetime
“Just a belated note to thank you for providing two weeks of German and Great Skiing to my son and his friends. They really enjoyed their time in aiflc chandigarh. They have great memories which will last them a lifetime and managed to improve their German at the same time! Many thanks again to all involved”
Very innovative and enriching
preety stay at your center is almost over and on behalf of her parents I would like to thank you for the work you’ve done over the past year and especially during classes. preety very excited about her stay and finds the way classes are held very innovative and enriching. As for her parents there’s no pleasure for them than to know that her daughter has the best language experience and guidance.”
preety rajpura
Great job
“We received some great feedback from your former student neeraj pant who stayed at chandigarh late 2011. neeraj is a very shy person and was a bit nervous about his language holiday, . After his stay at chandigarh has improved all her grades, and have become less shy and more outgoing. On behalf of the parents I would like to say thank you for the great correspondence during his stay, and thank you for doing such a great job. I hope we can send more ambalaian students to your school. neeraj is keen on going to Germany again, I’m certain that he will choose a aiflc destination I wish you all the best in the future, keep up the good work”.
neeraj ,zirakpur
Great appreciation for making sonia’s stay at panchkula wonderful one
“sonia got back very excited about her stay and had nothing but very warm words about her teacher and the supervisors. She also seriously improved her German, despite a short stay.
We want to extend particular gratitude to Ingrid, who was sonia’s teacher in German, and to the team of aiflc, especially to aiflc team who all did a fantastic job helping sonia feel welcome. Pleae tell miss ashu that he has a world class team in chanidgarh and we greatly appreciate your team’s quality of work, attention to details and kind attitude to the students. Both of our children, dhruv and sonia now , have only the best memories after spending time at aiflc. We are sure that Margarita will be back to Humboldt next summer, or maybe even earlier.
With best regards and deep appreciation”.
ashish, indore
Our daughter was very happy
“Our daughter, rinky, was very happy with her stay in chanidgarh. […] She appreciated her host mother and the rest of the students in her course. Thank you.”
bunny singh, ludhiyana
We will recommend the aiflc chandigarh
“Trying to find the best language school for our children in Germany we picked out.aiflc chandigarh Fortunately, it was the right choice. We really appreciate the high level of organisation and professionalism of your staff. Variety of school events and entertainment programme makes the staying of our children not only useful in studying and practicing of German but also enjoyable and unforgettable. We will recommend the aiflc to our friends and we are going to send our children to your school next year.”
Mr. and Mrs. singh moga